White grout - It's bloody hard to clean. You need a professional clean and maintenance plan - Gold Coast

OK, for all those people with white grout on their tiles, I bet you have gone online at some stage, desperate for tips on how to clean and maintain your stained and grubby grout. Looking for that magic instant, easy fix to bring your dirty grey grout back to white.

I just looked again today and cannot believe the physically taxing, labour intensive ‘tricks’ that people suggest you should use to clean your grout – and all of them promise success. Sadly, I have been sucked in before and in the past I may have tried several of these techniques. The only thing I succeeded in doing was giving myself very sore knees, broken nails and a stiff back. When, after the back breaking effort, I stood back and surveyed my work I could not believe that the grout still looked grey. I thought maybe it just needs to dry to show the improvement – nope didn’t lighten one iota!

Just in case you are one of the 5 or 10% who have not looked online for a ‘fix it’ – here are a few of the amazing tips, that I can affirm DO NOT work as I have tried them, and others too!

This first one appealed to me as I happen to have all the ingredients in my cupboard – it didn’t work!

Tip: spread a mix of baking soda and water made into a paste on grout lines, spraying vinegar over that, and then scrubbing with a brush.

RESULT: It’s like making a volcano, very impressive – however you should not use vinegar on grout.

Tip: To lift extra-dark stains, squeeze lemon juice onto the stain, let it soak in, then scrub, wipe clean and let the grout dry.

RESULT: Use lemon juice sparingly, since it can damage some tile finishes, and the tile looked clean but the stains were still there.

Tip: “To get twice the scrubbing power when using lemon juice, use an old electric toothbrush.”

RESULT: How have I never thought of that?! I will use my old electric toothbrush on my tiles and spend a couple of hours on my knees – Lemon juice can still damage tile finishes!

Tip:  Spray the tiles and grout with an eco-friendly cleaning spray and wipe them clean.

RESULT: All this did was get the grout wet.

So, instead of like me, and thousands of other frustrated housewifes trying to hit a moving target , do the smart thing and call in the experts at Gold Coast Parklane Cleaning Services.

Seriously, if you white grout is no longer white there is nothing you can do to restore it on your own.  Grout is porous and the dirty water left when cleaning, spillage, foot traffic and hundreds of other things have all compounded to cause discolouration of your tile grout and now it just looks revolting.

But don’t despair – there really is a Fairy Godmother in the tile industry – Parklane Cleaning Services can guarantee to restore the condition of your grout. You will not believe the difference we can make to your floors – you will not regret calling us. We offer a free in home consultation and quotation service, advising you of all costs up front so there are no surprises.

No longer will you look at your tiles when you have cleaned your floor and feel no satisfaction. You will invite your friends over just so you can see their tile envy!

Not only will we restore your grout, which has the benefit of lifting the appearance of your tiles as well – we will also advise  you on how to maintain your floors between our visits and you will be pleased to know – no lemons or baking soda will be included in the instructions.

Call us today!