Sandstone cleaning - Gold Coast

Sandstones can become an asset to your home, adding value and a touch of elegance to any space. Australian architects and designers are constantly finding new ways to use sandstone flooring when building to enhance the beauty of homes and businesses. Stone that is properly maintained will continue to make a statement for years to come.

However, this asset does come at a cost. Constant maintenance of sandstone is required from new. New stone is delivered and installed porous and untreated, leaving it defenceless against permanent staining and damage from constant use. Regular cleaning and sealing can significantly prolong the life of your homes latest investment.

Each type of stone has various do’s and don’ts when it comes to maintenance. Although improper care may help you achieve your desired look, it could be causing damage. To prevent any permanent damage to your sandstone, whether it is inside or outside, you will need the help of a professional. Parklane Cleaning services are sandstone care experts, and have experience working with sandstone, bluestone and more.

We are responsible for restoring some of the most beautiful sandstone on the Gold Coast. Our team prides themselves on their expertise, and they always strive to produce the highest quality sandstone care around. We are ready to restore your investment to its original glory, or to help you protect your new stone from the start.

We are committed to utilising the right product for each surface, and are constantly looking to find new techniques and products to help us treat your sandstone in the best way possible.

Sandstone Cleaning - Gold Coast - Constantly looking to find new techniques

Sandstone Cleaning

The first step when cleaning sandstone is to understand the geological classification and composition of your stone. Knowing this information will help you understand exactly what chemicals and equipment you can use on your feature.

For example, cleaning sandstone requires a different application for stone that is indoors or outdoors. When cleaning sandstone tiles that are outdoors, you need to kill any bacteria causing mould and mildew and then use specialised professional equipment to remove the stains, dirt and dead bacteria.

Sand, dirt and grit are abrasive and will damage untreated sandstone. Care has to be taken when attempting to restore any sandstone.

Sealing Sandstone

By sealing sandstone we are able to make the area stain resistant. This will not be stain proof, but it will give you a better reaction time to attend to spills and prevent stains.

Parklane Cleaning Services is able to seal close to the pores of the sandstone tile. This process will minimise natural growth and prolong the tiles life.

Sandstones that are outdoors become susceptible to dirt, stains, mould and mildew. Regular sealing of these tiles can prevent any of that from occurring.

Especially for stone that is outside, it is important to use a sealer that both strengthens and seals all edges of the stone. Your investment is going to take a beating from the elements (acid rain, sunlight, mould and much more), it is going to need all the help it can get.

However, despite sealing your stone it is still important to continue regular cleaning and maintenance.

Whether your sandstone is an old asset or a new investment, Parklane Cleaning Services can clean and preserve it. Restore your homes asset to its original beauty and contact the natural stone experts today!

The initial step for sandstone cleaner is to comprehend the land grouping and organisation of stone. Realising this data will assist with the understanding of synthetics and hardware that can be used on the element. For instance, cleaning sandstone requires an alternate application for the stone depending on whether is inside or outside. When cleaning sandstone tiles outside, any microscopic organisms causing mould and buildup need to be killed and therefore requires specific expert gear to eliminate the stains, soil, and dead microbes. Sand, dirt and coarseness are rough and will harm untreated sandstone if not cleaned properly. Care must be taken when endeavouring to restore and clean any sandstone.