Porcelain Tile Care - Gold Coast

Porcelain tiles are man made through a process of compressing dust and then placing it in a kiln at a very high temperature. The final product is a thick, impenetrable, and smooth tile with a small water absorption rate.

A true porcelain tile will be the same colour throughout, unlike a ceramic tile, and will be less noticeable when chipped. They are a perfect tile for any high traffic commercial area as they are hard wearing, easy to clean, and look great. Depending on their treatment and maintenance, they can also outlast most other floor materials.

The tiles can either arrive matt, unglazed, or with a high polished finish. Although unglazed tiles are strong enough to withstand some of the highest levels of surface traffic without having to worry about glaze wearing off, they are harder to maintain and generally require sealing.

Porcelain tiles require treatment from the day that are installed. A proper wax removal and sealing is paramount to ensuring a long lasting tile and easier maintenance down the line.

Most porcelain tiles are factory coated with a wax to protect them in transit. This wax needs to be professionally removed after the tile has been laid in order for the porcelain to look its best.

Porcelain Tile Care - Gold Coast - Tile floor wax wax finish on porcelain

Sealing of Porcelain

Some porcelain tiles are factory pre sealed or nano sealed. This type of porcelain does not require sealing and will only need the wax removed when they are installed. Despite this, we always strongly recommend that clients still seal the grout as it will not remain its original colour for long.

Unsealed porcelain will need to be sealed to protect it from everyday use. Our specialised time will completely remove any travel wax and seal the tiles before the floor is used. This will ensure that the tiles will be protected and keep their original look for years to come.

Parklane Tile and Grout Cleaning have a team of porcelain tile experts. We only use and recommend aqua mix premium sealers to make sure your investment looks great and stays that way.