High Pressure Floor Cleaning - Gold Coast

Any flooring that is outdoors and exposed to the elements or in a high traffic area is going to get dirty, quick. Your flooring can take a beating in a number of ways.  Whether it be sun, rain, hail, flooding, impossible oil stains and many more. Sun, rain, hail, flooding, impossible oil stains and many more can all affect your flooring.

If you are sick of scrubbing your tile outdoor patio or driveway, it’s time to call in the big equipment. Sit back, relax and let Parklane Cleaning Services transform your outdoor flooring back to its former glory.

Indoor Tile Pressure Washer

High Pressure Floor Cleaning (also referred to as water blasting/jetting or power washing) is an effective and environmentally friendly method used to remove stains, dirt, bacteria and fungus from your driveway and outdoor areas. Our specialised equipment allows us to clean your specific problem areas without damaging or dirtying nearby surfaces. Our professional tools, blasts your outdoor area with pressurised water to ensure a deep clean. This process removes stains, dirt and debris that is embedded into the surface of your floor.

Our team is highly trained and qualified to use our high pressure equipment. They are experienced in high pressure tile cleaning and know just how to achieve the best result for you and your home. With our understanding of the unique needs of each of our clients, our team prides themselves in their high level of customer satisfaction.

The professional team at Parklane Cleaning Services have worked on countless outdoor areas and have the right tools for the right jobs.

We can restore your:

  •     pavers,
  •     patios,
  •     concrete,
  •     exposed aggregate,
  •     brick
  •     and more.

Our experts have a high level of industry knowledge and will provide you with the right advice when it comes to high pressure floor cleaning and floor sealing. Depending on the type of material utilised in your outdoor area, we can help you decide the best way to clean it and help it stay clean.

Floor sealing will not only help keep your outdoor area clean (and needing fewer high pressure cleans), it will also prolong its life.

Dirt stains

After years of exposure to the elements, any outdoor area will show signs of dirt accumulation and wear and tear. Hosing and scrubbing can only do so much. Our expertly trained team has spent years removing dirt and debris from outdoor areas and driveways. High pressure floor cleaning will leave your outdoor flooring looking clean again, bringing a new life and endless entertainment opportunities.

Bacteria and fungus

Keep your outdoor areas safe for your family and loved ones. Any area exposed to the elements is likely to some form of algae or bacteria, encouraging the growth of fungus which can cause even more problems. High pressure floor cleaning can remove these harmful growths from your driveway and outdoor areas and prevent them from spreading further.

Call now for a free high pressure floor cleaning quote, and don’t forget to ask about our floor sealing services.

Indoor Tile Pressure Washer

High-Pressure Floor Cleaning is an effective and ecosystem friendly technique used to eliminate stains, soil, microorganisms from your driveway and outside territories. Special equipment can enable you to clean your particularly troublesome spots without harming or dirtying close by surfaces. Our experts have a high level of industry knowledge and will provide you with the right advice regarding a suitable indoor tile pressure washer for floor cleaning.