Grout Colour and Seal - Gold Coast

When was the last time you saw your grout in its natural colour? After years of constant use and abuse, untreated grout will start to discolour and absorb dirt and stains. Scrubbing will only get you so far. If you’re sick of worrying about spills the minute that they happen, or worried about what kind of bacteria is growing on your kitchen floor, it’s time to call the professionals.

Grout Perfect Colour Sealer

Grout is more fragile and susceptible to damage and stains, our clear grout sealer can keep your grout white and protect it from turning a completely different colour. However, if you’re having a hard time trying to keep your grout clean, stop thinking about ripping up those tiles! We have an amazing product that will rejuvenate your flooring, and help minimise your scrubbing.

Grout Colour And Seal - Gold Coast - Minimise Your Tile Scrubbing

Colour Grout Sealing

Are you ready for a tile makeover? There is only so much scrubbing a toothbrush can do!  Before you get too inspired by home improvement shows and start ripping your tiles up, save your money and try out revolutionary product!

Our professional tile cleaners are experts at colour grout sealing. More than just grout colouring, this revolutionary product can change the colour of your grout and seal it to protect it from any further abuse. Grout perfect color seal is non porous and waterproof, making cleaning a breeze and cutting cleaning times in half!

We have over 20 different grout colours available, and can help you choose the perfect colour to make your tiles come to life.
Grout Colour And Seal - Gold Coast - Your floor will look better than ever with a new, consistent grout colour
With colour grout sealing you eliminate the chance of stains that become impossible to remove, and enjoy clean and sanitary grout lines. Your floor will look better than ever with a new, consistent grout colour.

Our range of grout colour sealers come with a 15-year performance warranty.


While you’re looking into sealing your grout, why not protect your tiles at the same time. Check out our tile sealing section and find out how you can prolong the life of one of your home’s biggest investments – your floor!