There are many myths out there about tile and grout cleaning which sometimes people don’t even know are myths. Let’s have a look at some of those myths so you can know what is right and what is wrong.

Myth – Mopping the floor is sufficient to keep tile and grout clean

Mopping is definitely a great way to keep the floors clean, but when it comes to tile and grout cleaning, it simply isn’t enough. It requires something a bit more powerful than just simple mopping to get them clean.

Myth – Sealed grout will last a lifetime

When grout is sealed, it keeps off the water and moisture from settling in it and that helps to add to the durability of the grout. That being said, it doesn’t mean that grout will never get dirty. Everything needs to be properly maintained to make them last. Sealed grout also needs proper maintenance to go the long mile.

Myth – Strong abrasive materials are best to scrub away tough grout dirt

Using a wire brush or scrubbing with a plastic bristle brush may seem to be the best way to clean off the tough dirt which settles in the grout. However, it may just be the opposite and too hard force with strong abrasive materials may actually damage the grout.

Myth – Acid Cleaners is best for cleaning

Acid cleaners are good cleaning agents, and can wash away the toughest of dirt and grime that reached deep into the tile and grout. However, too much concentration of acid based cleaning agent can cause the grout to erode, damage the tiles. It may not happen overnight, but it may cause slow damage. Be careful when using acid cleaners and follow the particular tile and grout cleaning specification.

Myth – Soaking tiles in soapy water is a great way to clean them

While it may seem totally normal and intuitive, but tiles are porous and soapy water may leave residue where the soap particles attract more dirt after drying.

Above mentioned are the top myths around about tile and grout cleaning. Take a note and try not to damage your tile and grout and just a little careful maintenance can help them last a long time.