Stone Countertop Maintenance Tips

There is nothing as wonderful as having a stone countertop. They look absolutely stunning and offer the most durable and sturdy service a stone can offer. In order to keep them in good shape, it is necessary to take good care of them. Here are some tips for stone countertop maintenance in the proper way.

Clean only with stone-safe cleaning agents

Natural stones are reactive. As they are not manufactured and have natural characteristics in them, all kinds of cleaning agents are not suitable. There are many cleaning agents available which are designated for the individual stone types. Avoid using any acid based cleaning agent, or even something that is abrasive. Do not use any off the shelf cleaning agent like glass cleaner, or any other. Only use the specified cleaner for that particular type of stone.

Seal the stone countertop to avoid staining

Natural stones are generally porous, meaning that they absorb liquids. Any liquid based cleaning agent will be absorbed by the stone countertop. If that agent has discolouring elements, it will cause the colour to change. Not only that, it absorbs fluid from anything spilled on top of it. That’s why, to avoid staining and discolouration, a layer of insulation needs to be given by sealing with regular re-sealing. If you’re unsure whether the countertop needs sealing, check it by pouring some water and wait for a few minutes. Now wipe the water off that area, and if you notice a dark patch, it means it has absorbed water and needs to be sealed.

Wipe liquids as soon as you can

As mentioned above, natural stones are porous and they absorb water fast. That’s why immediately wipe off liquids from stone countertops when spilled.

If you spot stains, address it immediately

If you didn’t notice before, but happen to spot a stain when it becomes evidently visible, do not delay and take care of it immediately. It’s always better to call for professional help in situations like this, just like Parklane tile and grout cleaning services on the Gold Coast. They can clean up your         countertop             stains   with     their    professional    touch. Visit to know more.