It’s only natural that the tile and grout in your home will eventually lose their lustre and start to become weary. For some it takes a long time, for others, not so much. There are some signs which will indicate that it is time for you to get help from the professionals to properly clean your tiles and grout.

The tiles and grout have lost shine and looks dull

It can easily be seen, the once fresh and new look gets dull over time. After that, they still should look good enough, but when they start to give impressions of being ‘old’ and ‘dull’ when you look, you know it’s time for a good cleaning.

Grout is discoloured

A few days after applying fresh grout, the tiles and grout looks so nice with their intact colours. When this grout loses its original colour, that’s the clear indicator that cleaning needs to be done. The porous material absorbs any substance that has other colours and over time that settles in.

Tile is discoloured

Tile is the larger block in the tiled walls and floorings of a home and it takes most of the toll. The tile also loses its initial colour over the long time of continued usage. When this happens, the overall look of the floor, wall or kitchen starts to become weary, dull and old. This is a clear sign to clean.

Home cleaning doesn’t help much

When your tiles and grouts get dirty, the normal thing to do would be to try and wash them and clean them on your own. Maybe you were already doing this as a part of maintenance. However, even after trying you to take off that discolour off the grout, then there remains to doubt but to call for professional cleaning services.

Grout has not been sealed

Sealing grout is very important as it is porous and absorbs liquids. After applying grout, it needs to be dried at first. After it is completely dry, it needs to be sealed with a proper sealant. This ensures the insulation of the grout from external liquid materials. It is recommended to seal the grouts once a year. The grout installation process is not a one-off activity, and it should be kept in mind.

If you’ve noticed the above mentioned signs, then don’t delay anymore and contact professional tile and grout cleaning services like Parklane tile and grout cleaning services on the Gold Coast. Visit to know more.