How do you re-grout your tiles?

If you have beautiful tiles, but your grout is ruining their look then re-grouting may be the way to go. Often grouting is treated like an afterthought to tiling, but it has such a massive impact on the finished look of your tiles. Making sure that it is done right is essential to a great tiled floor. Here is how you can re-grout your tile flooring.


Clean! Before you do anything, you need to vacuum up any loose dirt, hair and dust from your floor and then vigorously scrub away any stuck on dirt and debris. Scrape away the existing grout and vacuum again. The last thing that you want to do is push all of that muck into your joints when you are placing new grout in. So, ensure that you put some work and attention into getting your floor as clean and prepped as possible.


The next step is to mix up your grout until it is completely powder-free. Add a little bit of water at a time, scrap the bottom and turn the bucket regularly while you mix. You are looking for it to have the consistency of creamy peanut butter. Then stop! You need to let it rest for at least 10 minutes, otherwise it is going to be weakened and prone to cracking. It will feel a bit stiffer after this, but that is normal (don’t add more water!).


When you are loading the joints with the new grout, you need to smear it diagonally across the tile in order to force it deep into the joints. Continue this process, squishing the grout between all of the tile joints, until the full surface has been covered. Then, remove the excess grout with a squeegee. Use a serpentine motion to get as much excess removed as possible off the surfaces of the tiles. Finally, using a damp sponge (damp, not wet!) diagonally sweep the surface of the tiles to remove any remaining excess grout. Rinse and keep wiping until all is gone. You can use this time to smooth out any protruding grout from joints as well.

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