Prevent Mould from Growing on Your Tiles

You must always be cautious about any signs of mould forming inside your house, especially in the bathroom or kitchen areas. Here’s how you can stay mould free, and also remove mould before it is too late.

What is mould?

Mould is the formation of dark spots of bacteria, which can spread very rapidly especially in any damp, dark spaces. Mould can quickly grow when exposed to water and this can be dangerous as it produces allergens and irritants that can cause serious health issues.

How do I prevent it from happening?

Leaking – such as in toilet pipelines, sinks and other channels – through which water is dripping, can invite mould to grow. Wet materials such as rugs, wallpaper, grout and drywall can also provide an opportunity for mould to grow. Lack of ventilation in the washroom and damp dark areas can form a favourable place for mould to develop as well.

Preventing mould is far easier than removing it, if you can follow these simple steps:

  • Always turn on the bathroom exhaust fans during and after showering, so that any steam and damp air is removed.
  • Be immediately aware and reactive to any leaks.
  • Keep your bathroom floors and tiles at all times, bath and shower matts are great helpers.
  • Clean any cellulose material like bath rugs and curtains regularly.
  • Keep the bathroom and kitchen windows open whenever possible to provide fresh air.
  • Consider using a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air.

I already have mould; how do I remove it?

There are a number of mould-killing products such as vinegar, bleach and hydrogen peroxide, that you can use to remove mould from small areas. However, if the mould is creeping and becoming unmanageable, you need to hire some professional help immediately.

How can Parklane help me?

We don’t suggest replacing the tiles if at all necessary, as this can be extremely costly. If mould has grown into your tiles grout, our excellent tile and grout cleaning service can completely renew your tile flooring, killing any bacteria and preventing mould from growing. Getting your tiles and grout cleaned and sealed regularly is the best solution for preventing mould from growing and keeping your tiles fresh and clean.

Our tile and grout cleaning services can restore your Gold Coast business or home’s tile flooring to look brand new, sealing it in order to prevent bacteria and damage from happening and providing a durable coating to help your tiles last and look fantastic for many years to come.