Summer is finally here, which means it’s the perfect time to get your tiles looking flawless – especially if you’re having guests over for Christmas Day. Whether you have tiled areas indoor or outdoor, we are here to guide you on getting PERFECT tiles. 


Indoor Floor & Wall Tiles 


Let’s face it, no matter how many hours you’ve spent cleaning the entire house before guests arrive, if your tiles and grout are looking dull, your entire house will appear dirty. So, if you’re wanting to give your home that fresh look it deserves, make sure you’re giving your tiles a deep and thorough clean. 


But how? Well, you can remove any surface stains by mopping and vacuuming the tiles before you have any guests over. This is, of course, if you’re only wanting to remove surface-level dirt or small stains. 


If your tiles are well over-due for a professional clean, then you might find that a simple mop and vacuum just won’t give you the results you’re after. So, if this is the case for you, then why not spoil your tiles this Christmas to a professional clean. 


A professional clean will remove all the hidden dirt, bacteria and debris that can’t be reached by a home job. Trust us, there’s nothing better than having properly cleaned tiles. Your whole house will brighten up! And what better time to have fresh tiles than Christmas time when you’re having guests over. 


Need a professional clean? Check out our tile and grout cleaning services


Bathroom Tiles


We’ve talked about indoor tiled areas within your home, but now let’s talk about tiles in your bathroom. Tiles in your bathroom need extra love and care! You could be asking yourself: ‘but why?’


Think about all the chemicals that you use in your bathroom – shampoos, conditioners and soaps!! These products cause great damage to tiles, especially the grout. You’ll probably find that the tiles in your bathroom look a lot dirtier compared to other tiled areas in your house. 


You don’t want your guests going to the bathroom over the holiday season to find discoloured grout and dirty looking tiles. Who knows, there might even be fungi build-up or mould growth. To fix this issue before the guests arrive, you can go down two routes:


The first option – Find the CORRECT product to clean your bathroom tiles yourself. 


The second option – Get your tiles professionally cleaned and seal your grout. This option is of course the best one to follow. Grout isn’t something you can just clean with store-bought products. Grout discolouration needs professional help. 


And to be honest, calling in the professionals will only save you time and money! Don’t spend the entire summer scrubbing away at the tiles in your bathroom to get no results. Focus your time on cooking up a mean Christmas lunch!! 


Outdoor Floor & Wall Tiles


Now, let’s move onto the tiled areas you have outside. Like most of us, you’ll probably spend a lot more time outside in the summer making the most of the Aussie weather. Even though outdoor tiles are typically made with sturdy and hard-wearing materials, it’s still a good idea to check the current condition of them. 


Luckily, outdoor tiles are a bit easier to maintain because they have been designed to endure outdoor weather conditions. However, if you’re like most Aussies and are spending your Christmas day outside then you still probably want to give them a clean down before any guests arrive. The good news is, that you can give your outdoor tiles a decent clean with a hose down and sweep. 


But of course, if you’ve noticed efflorescence or have any stains or mould growth on your tiles, it’s best to get your tiles professionally cleaned. 


Now, if you’re one of the lucky ones who own a pool, then this next section is for you. No matter what flooring material (sandstone, tiles, pavers etc.) you have surrounding your pool, this is another important area to check for any damage or dirt build-up.  


Most flooring around a swimming pool is finished with silicone in-between the grout lines. Even though silicone is used for areas that are prone to getting wet or damp, over time silicone will begin to crack and peel. Especially if you’re making the most of your pool, chlorine and foot traffic will damage the silicone. 


So, checking your tiles surrounding your pool for summer is a great idea! What should you be checking for? Cracks, any obvious build-up of dirt or mould growth. If you find any of these, then you’ll need to call our professional team to get the issue repaired properly. 


Get Your Tiles Ready for Summer


If you’ve been thinking about giving your tiles a professional clean, then now is the perfect time to do it!! Below is a list of our services that will help you get your house looking fresh and clean for summer and in particular Christmas Day:


–       Tile & Grout Cleaning

–       Grout & Colour Seal 

–       Tile Sealing 

–       Porcelain Tile Care

–       Sandstone Cleaning 

–       High-Pressure Floor Cleaning 


With a wide range of cleaning services available, we can help you with your specific needs and requirements. You can get a free quote here or give us a call today to see how we can help bring your tiles back to life this summer!