Outdoor tiles - get them ready for summer - Gold Coast

Here comes the sun!

90% of homes on the Gold Coast have outdoor living areas, some are protected from the elements some are not and you could bet your bottom dollar that most of them also have a BBQ and some lucky homeowners enjoy a pool as well. And there it is – you are all set to make the most of our Gold Coast lifestyle.

If you live on the Gold Coast, then let’s face it, you have chosen to live here because of the lifestyle. One of the benefits of living in Australia’s Sunshine State is the weather. The weather allows Southern Queensland dwellers to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle all year round. Who doesn’t love lounging around the a back patio with the BBQ sizzling, having a few drinks with the family or your mates. The next day, however, you notice all the fat and oil splattered on your tiles, drinks spilt, food dropped and suddenly a leisurely afternoon with friends has become a nightmare.

Well, you were probably warned, all the advice was probably given to you by your tile installer – But, you rationalized “how bad could it be? they are floor tiles, they are meant for rough and tough”. Now looking at the floor, and your wife’s expression, you are thinking that maybe you should have gotten protection.

If the stress of the above scenario sounds like something you don’t want to go through – then the best thing for you to do is call us today and have tile and grout protection in place before you party! Luckily for you it is not too late, even though damage has been done to your beautiful tile flooring. All hope is not lost because the superhero’s from Parklane Cleaning Services are just a phone call away. And it is a win/win situation – happy wife, happy life.

Sometimes we neglect our tiled outdoor areas over winter letting dust, grime, rainwater and foot traffic cause discolouration and damage to tiles and grout. Lack of care over the winter months leaves your tiles dull, sometimes with mildew and inground dirt. You will be absolutely amazed when Parklane Cleaning Services have finished with your patio area – it will sparkle like new. We will have you ready for summer holidays, Christmas Day and for the family visits that ensue, especially if you are the one in the family that does enjoy having a backyard pool!

Once you have had your outdoor tiles sealed and cleaned by Parklane Cleaning Services we will be more than happy to advise you on a course for self-maintenance and care between our visits. It is not only the wear and tear of daily living that impacts on your outdoor tiles but our harsh Australian sun also works hard at wearing your tiles out. Proper protection supplied by Parklane Cleaning Services will ensure that you continue to enjoy the tiles you have on your outdoor area now and for many years to come. But, we go further – in case of emergencies we have a 24 hour service 6 nights per week. All our work carries our guarantee of quality, punctuality and old fashioned courteous service and advice.

We have an extensive photo gallery on our site and customer testimonials for you to view. We are proud of the level of work we do and know that you will not be disappointed, so call us today for a free in-home quotation.