How to protect your outdoor tiles - Gold Coast

As we move further into summer, Australians are utilising their outdoor areas more and more. BBQs, backyard cricket, and a dip in the pool, what else could be better on a hot summer’s day? Home maintenance is a year round activity, but outdoor areas can be neglected over the cooler months. Whether you have an a pool surrounded by pavers, or invested in a natural stone patio, outdoor tiles require initial treatments and continued protection to ensure they look great and have a long lifespan.



The difference between outdoor and indoor tiles

Outdoor tiles are typically made to be more sturdier than a regular indoor tile. Constantly battered by the elements, an outdoor tile has to be able to withstand abuse. Regardless of their strong build, as with anything that is left in the elements, outdoor tiles will require initial treatment as well as consistent maintenance to ensure a long and healthy life.

Despite being manufactured to withstand harsher treatment than regular indoor tiles, outdoor tiles will still show signs of wear and tear if they are not properly maintained. Depending on the make of your tile, protection and cleaning options can be limited. However, most damage can be prevented or reversed if treated correctly.


Preventing damage

Water damage can be a major issue for outdoor tiles, especially porcelain and natural stone tiles, depending on how porous the tile is. Tiles that are vulnerable to absorbing and retaining water are prone to cracking, staining, and shorter life spans. Tile sealant will help stop water from working its way into your flooring.

After your tiles have been installed, contact the tile and grout professionals at Parklane to have them apply a sealant to your investment. It is important to do this ASAP to ensure that they are not damaged or stained after they are installed. Our team is able to seal your tiles close to the pores, preventing natural growth and ensure a longer life for your tiles.

Sealing also has the ability to help you prevent your outdoor tiles from staining. Applying sealant to tiles will make them stain resistant, increasing your reaction time to spills and dirt before they are able to attach themselves to your tiles for life.

Your tiles will also be protected from damage from day to day use as outdoor tile sealant will help significantly strengthen your tiles for as long as it is intact.



Maintaining treated tiles takes a little bit of extra care and attention. Using the right tools and chemicals will ensure that any treatment your tiles have undergone will remain in take, and that you won’t cause any damage to your outdoor flooring.

Although personal maintenance is essential to prolonging the life of your outdoor area, contacting a professional to treat your tiles as needed will not only keep your tiles looking like they did the day they were installed, but will also help prevent any future damage from occurring.

To find out more about how you can protect or restore your outdoor tiles, contact the experts at Parklane Tile and Grout cleaning today!