Home Flooded? Here’s What Can Happen to Your Tile Floor

Flooding is one of the most common types of disasters that can ruin the tile floors of your home. It can be due to heavy rains or storms, which can create significant water damage for your home. It is essential that the affected parts of a home are cleaned and repaired as soon as possible, as flood water damage can irreparably destroy your furniture, appliances, ceilings, walls and the tile floors if left uncared for too long. Tiles are affected the most! Flood water can destroy the marble, granite and limestone in your home, as it contains debris and dirt that can lead to staining.

Recognise the Damage

Although, tiles are considered the most durable flooring and they can naturally resist water damage, they also have grout joints and adhesive which are that main parts of your flooring that can be affected due to stagnant water. Generally, the deterioration is not immediately visible as the damaged adhesives cause a gradual deterioration to your tile. Vitrified ceramic or tiles are not normally damaged by flood water, but there might be surface dirt which needs to be removed. If the surface is absorbent, staining can happen easily and might not be removable. Stone tiles and porous rocks can get permanent marks and discoloration. Cement tiles and grouts are not destroyed by water, but can also get staining which needs to be immediately removed.

What can be done?

Remove one tile from the affected area to check whether there is water underneath, or contact a professional to inspect the subfloors as they can sometimes do so without removing any tiles. If your professional informs you that there has been or is water underneath then the tiles will need to be removed to allow air to reach and dry out the subfloors. This will prevent moulds from growing and prevent further damage and deterioration from happening. If you find weak spots in the grout, when the floors are fully dried you might need to have the grout replaced and resealed.

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