Gum & Glue: How to Deal with The Sticky Mess

Tile flooring is extremely durable and great for being easy to clean with most messes, but what do you do about sticky gum and glue that is stuck to your tiles? Here are some expert tips – from a professional tile and grout cleaner – on different methods you can use to remove gum and glue from your tiles without damaging them.

Scrape as Much Off as You Can

Don’t use any sort of metal scraper! Metal is going to scratch and damage your tile floor, so you need to make sure your scraper is rubber or plastic. A good trick is to use an old credit card. Carefully remove as much of the gum or glue from your tiles as possible.

Try Freezing It

This method will work best for gum, rather than glue. Rub an ice cube over the gum, once it hardens you can scrape it off (see above). Clean the remaining residue with a little bit of vinegar and water and a soft cloth.

Try Heating It

This method will work best for glue, rather than gum. Get out your hair dryer and turn it on low. Direct the hot air over the glue, back and forth, until it softens. Use a dry paper towel sheet and dab it over the glue to absorb as much of it as possible (don’t rub!), then scrap off whatever is left behind. Again, use a vinegar and water solution with a soft cloth to clean and let dry.

Last, But Not Least: Try a Commercial Product

If none of the other above methods have worked, then try using a commercial cleaning product that is designed to remove sticky substances. Simply, follow the directions on the product to clean the area. You need to be careful with this method, especially if you have a natural stone tile, as some commercial cleaners can damage or deteriorate your tiles. The best option to solve your stain is to bring in a professional tile and grout cleaning service.

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