Not only the tile types and designs, the pattern of laying tiles on the floor is a big factor which fulfils the look of the home. It can speak a lot about the personality and mood of the homeowner. Let’s have a look at the main patterns used in homes.

Grid Pattern

This is the most basic, widely used and popular pattern. This pattern features tiles in a grid layout, starting from the edge of the walls. The design is fairly simple, square or rectangular blocks of tile. Since the design does not require any differently shaped tile, there is no loss of waste of tile mostly. This is the most uniform and balanced tile pattern.

Running Bond or Offset pattern

This pattern comes right after the grid pattern, because this is the same kind of same sized tile pattern, with a bit of change where the tiles start from the middle position of the tile row above and below. This is called offset because the positioning starts at the offset of the next row. This can be done with square or rectangle shaped tiles.

Herringbone pattern

This is an interesting pattern because the tiles are diagonally placed on the floor at an angle of 45 degrees, in a grid pattern. They are often done black and white tiles for a checkerboard pattern. Essentially, this pattern makes the room look bigger and is useful for uneven sized rooms.

Harlequin pattern

This is another unique pattern where the tiles are laid at an angle of 45 degrees, but in an interlocking positioning of one horizontal and one vertical tile. It is commonly used with wood or plank looking tiles for a more defined look.

Basketweave pattern

Those who wish to be a bit different and bring some excitement to their floors, basketweave pattern is the way to go. It’s basically a grid pattern, but the larger tiles of a grid pattern are divided into two parts. Two adjacent tiles are divided into two parts, but one is divided horizontally while the next one is done vertically. This is repeated in the diagonal direction. Brick-shaped tiles go well with this pattern and bathroom is the popular spot for implementing this design.

The above mentioned are the most common types of design patterns used for tiles. There are other innovative tiles patterns too, but too much random or scattered designs may cause visual stress. Based on your style preference and home theme, you can implement any of the design patterns listed above.