Among the different types of tiles that are used for decorating homes and designing interiors, natural stone always had its special place. As the name implies, natural stones are not manufactured, but derived from nature and that’s what makes it unique. There are some interesting facts about natural stones which you should know.

Wide range of varieties

Natural stones are available in numerous colours, textures, patterns and distinctive features. There is Granite, Marble, Onyx, Travertine, Slate, Sandstone, Limestone, Quartzite and many more. Each of these stones have their own unique set of characteristics and that’s what makes natural stone so special.

Multitude of finishes

As stones are derived from nature, they need to be processed to be ready to use in homes. One of the most important processing is its finish. There is polished finish which gives off a smooth shine, and honed finish which is smooth but matte. There is also rough and rustic finishes, depending on the design theme and use of the stones.

They last a really long time

There are many historical monuments around the world which were made many years ago, and still hold ground with the same level of beauty and honour. Natural stones are extremely durable and if properly maintained, can last for a long time.

Its surface can be modified and repaired

There are manually manufactured tiles made from other materials, which do not have much option to be repaired or modified at times but with natural stones, it’s not the same. They can be cleaned, sealed, repolished and honed.

Unique patterns

As they are derived directly from nature, each piece of natural stone is unique with all its veins, colours, and textures. There can be no exactly same two pieces. That’s another beauty of it that attracts homeowners.

Natural stones are valuable, and they add value to a home. With all the wide range of options available,

it will surely satisfy anyone by fulfilling their needs in a brilliant looking way.