Get ready to sell -DIY Tile Cleaning Myths busted - Gold Coast

Tiles are commonplace in homes across Australia, whether its floor or wall tiles they have the ability to be stained, damaged or affected by mould. When your tiles and grouting look discoloured it can impact the appearance of the whole room. Before you even consider replacing them you try to clean and revive them.

Having spent hours, numerous different products and home remedies to remove the grim and dirt, you throw your hands in the air and realise you should have called a professional in the first place.

Here’s some common tile cleaning myths busted.

  1. If you get a good tile/floor cleaner, it will be enough to mop the floor.

This is not the case, in the short term you may feel the floor looks good, but as time goes on the dirty mop water can actually add to the issue.

  1. Dish Soap is a better alternative to cleaning products.

No, dish soap is difficult to wash off and in time the build-up will discolour the floor further.

  1. For those stubborn stains, bleach can bring tiles and grout back to white.

No again, whilst bleach seems like the only answer, it will damage and wear away your grout over time and can take the shine away from your tiles.

  1. Scrubbing with a wire brush can remove that dirt and grime.

Whilst grubbing with a wire brush can remove quite a lot of the dirt and grime, it can also be responsible for removing some of the tile pattern and grouting at the same time.

  1. Other than a quick mop tiles don’t need any additional care and maintenance.

Wrong again, whilst tiles are more durable than most other floorings, they do need some special attention and treatment from the professions to increase their lifespan.

Tiles are a great long term flooring and wall tile solution. However, to keep the tiles in optimum condition and increase their life span talk to Gold Coast Tile Cleaning. They can breathe new life into old and tired tiles and ensure that your new tiles have the right treatments for longjevity.

les are commonplace in homes throughout the Gold Coast. Kitchen areas, living rooms and outdoor entertainment areas all utilise the flooring for their beauty and durability. Whether you are building or renting, your tiles make a huge impact on the overall appearance and style of your home.

Any tiles that are in high traffic areas will be prone to damage, stains and accumulated dirt and grime. Regular maintenance with household cleaning products and equipment can help make your tiles look cleaner, but after years of built up dirt and grime your tiles will no longer look like they did they day you first walked on them.

When no amount of scrubbing seems to be doing the trick to clean your tiles and grout, it is time to talk to the experts.

If you are considering ripping up and replacing your tiles, STOP! Even if you are planning on remodelling your home, a professional tile and grout cleaning could be just what you need to bring your tiles back to life and make your flooring look new again. You’ll be amazed at how stunning your floors will look after our expert tile and grout cleaners have worked their magic in your home.