Commercial Tile Cleaning

Modern office buildings and industrial spaces are increasingly moving away from carpeting and towards hard surface flooring. Tiles provide a modern look and are easier to maintain than their traditional competitors. Despite this, any flooring that undergoes frequent use is bound to accumulate stubborn dirt and stains.

Regular maintenance is required to keep your tiles looking neat and tidy, but a mop and a scrubbing brush can only do so much. Spend your time in the office doing what you should be, and let us focus on your flooring.

Parklane Cleaning Services is the one stop hard surface shop for commercial clients. Our team are experts in commercial tile and grout cleaning and sealing, and we cover all of your cleaning and sealing needs.

Whatever style and material tile you use, right through to the grout, our years of experience means that we will give you the right advice and help restore your tiles to reflect your professional business.

High traffic and large areas require professional machines to get the job efficiently and right. Our team is highly trained and qualified to use specialised industrial cleaning equipment and products to help make your tiles come to life.

We can also seal your tiles are grout to help keep them cleaner for longer, and to prolong their life. This could save you thousands in re-flooring costs!

And, if you are sick of your work kitchen grout looking coffee brown instead of white, we have a grout colour seal service that can modernise your space and help make it easier for you to keep certain areas stain free.

We offer occasional and regular cleaning options to take your commercial tile and grout cleaning and maintenance to the next level. One phone call to us can mean no more stress about the state of your flooring.

Some industries we commonly service are:

Schools and day care centres

Schools and daycares are simply going to get dirty. From soaked in paints and dyes, through to dirt and food stains that your grout just won’t let go of. Our team is ready for any challenge. All of our staff are fully insured and covered by blue cards for working in schools and day care centres.

Construction industry

Dirt, grit and grease. You are constantly working hard, and the dirt is proof of it, but your flooring doesn’t need to be. Keep your tiles in order with our expert team. Parklane Cleaning Services is fully insured and covered to work on tiled areas in the construction industry.

Office spaces

We are ready to for everything from small office spaces through to large corporate buildings. Let our tile and grout cleaning take your office from dirty to delightful.

Shopping centres

We have experience cleaning large tiled areas and strive to provide a high quality of work as efficiently as possible. No space is too big for our qualified team.

We are ready and eager to work on any commercial tile cleaning in our area. Contact us today for a free quote and see how your tiles can help you get more business.