Choosing the Correct Grout Colour: Not Just an Afterthought!

When it comes to tiling for your flooring, grout is often completely overlooked. Yet, it is an extremely important component to the look and design of your finished flooring! There are three common approaches when selecting grout for your tile: match, contrast or go neutral. Here’s some advice on these three options in order to help you choose the correct grout colour for your tile floors.


Matching your grout colour to your tile colour is a great way to achieve a less pronounced grout line. You can also match the colour, but go one shade darker or lighter, which is a great option when the tiles are only one colour. Matching is a commonly selected option for those who have selected high-end marble or granite tiles.

Choosing the Correct Grout Colour: Not Just an Afterthought!


To create a stand out looking tile, contrasting grout is a great way to frame each tile and draw attention to them. Though, it should be noted, it was also draw attention to the grout too. You will want to make sure you use a thicker and high-quality grout. If you have decorative or patterned tiles, contrasting grout is the common choice.

Choosing the Correct Grout Colour: Not Just an Afterthought!


This is probably the safest option of the three. Selecting a neutral tan, beige or grey coloured grout is something that has mass appeal and the most widely recommended approach to your tiles. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with neutral.


Not only is the colour of your grout important, but so too is the type of grout you are using. The grouts purpose it to bond tiles together and prevent them from chipping, and so to achieve this you must use the appropriate and best-quality grout. It is also important to consider foot traffic when selecting a colour, as a light colour in say a busy kitchen is going to start looking dirty faster than a darker shade of grout. Generally, a darker shade of grout will fade faster, but a light-coloured grout will stain faster. Which is why considering the function and use of the room is important when selecting its grout.

You may also want to consider a tile sealant, which will keep them looking newer for longer. Especially in high traffic areas, where your tiles will be more affected if left untreated. When first laid, tile sealing is very important if you want to ensure your white tiles stay white and your dark tiles don’t fade. It will protect them from any spills, stains, worn in bacteria and constant traffic. Tile sealer can save you thousands in tile repairs and replacement and significantly prolong the life of your floor.

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