Why choose Parklane Tile & Grout Cleaning?

If you have tiles that are looking aged and faded with yellowing or discoloured grout, Parklane Tile & Grout Cleaning can revitalise your flooring and bring it back to life. We have over 20 combined years of experience in the tile cleaning service industry, and as such are one of the most experienced tile and grout cleaning companies operating on the Gold Coast. Our services include:

Tile & Grout Cleaning

A professional intense cleaning of your tiled flooring, in order to remove any discolouration from the tiles surface or grouting joints. It will remove any staining and prolong the life and durability of your tiles, preventing the need of a costly replacement for many years to come.

Grout Colour and Seal & Tile Sealing

When your grout has become discoloured with age, this service can change the colour of your grout and seal it in order to protect it from any further abuse. With over 20 different colours available, it can completely refresh and transform your beautiful flooring. Plus, with our non-porous and waterproof sealant for both your tiles and grout, not only will cleaning become a breeze, but it will also work to prevent stains and bacteria from building up. So, you can enjoy your clean stunning flooring for many more years.

Porcelain Tile Care

From the day that they are installed, porcelain tiles require maintenance and care. This includes, proper wax removal and sealing. Most porcelain tiles have a wax coating that is used to protect them during transit, which needs to be professionally removed after installation. Our finishing sealant coating will ensure that your tiles are protected for day-to-day use and allow them to last and look better longer.

Sandstone Cleaning

If you have a natural stone or sandstone flooring, we provide the highest-quality of care and expertise and are responsible for restoring some of the most beautiful sandstone on the Gold Coast. We take the upmost car in utilising the right product for each surface and work to treat your sandstone in the absolute best way possible. No matter if it is a new investment or an old asset, we can clean it to its original beauty and preserve it so that it lasts for many years.

High Pressure Floor Cleaning

If you have an outdoor area that is weathered and aged or has a built up of dirt and stains, high pressure floor cleaning is an effective and environmentally-friendly method to deep clean and restore it to new. Also known as water blasting/jetting or power-washing, this cleaning treatment can provide the best results for you and your home, restoring your pavers, patio, concrete, exposed aggregate, brick and more to its youthful good looks.

Parklane has grown into one of the most respected names in the Gold Coast tile and grout cleaning industry, and has become a name you can trust to take care and deliver stunning results to your flooring.