Basic Stone Care: Do’s and Don’ts

If you have natural stone flooring you want to ensure it is cared for as best as possible, in order to ensure it lasts for a long time and continues to look as stunning as when it was first installed. Here are some stone flooring basic care and cleaning do’s and don’ts to help you maintain your flooring in top shape.


  • Use non-slip mats and area rugs to protect the natural stone flooring near entry ways and in high traffic areas. This will also help remove any loose dirt, sand and debris from the soles of people shoes as they come-and-go.
  • Frequently and regularly dust, vacuum and mop. This will work to slow the deterioration and wear that is caused from dirt build-up.
  • Spot clean immediately. Don’t let spills sit and become stains!
  • Day-to-day cleaning should also be accompanied by every-so-often deep cleans. You may want to consider getting a professional tile and grout cleaner in to properly clean and seal your flooring. This will ensure the optimal care of your tile and allow it to withstand daily use and look brand new for many years to come.


  • Use harsh chemical cleaners on soft natural stone, this can cause serious damage and deterioration to the sealant as well as the stone itself.
  • Use a damaged vacuum cleaner. If it is worn out or is missing wheels it is going to cause scratches and damage to your tiles surface.
  • Slid furniture. Remember to lift and move. If you find yourself forgetting or have furniture, like chairs, that are constantly being pushed arounds and sliding over your floors, you should get covers for their legs to protect the tile from them.

Each type of stone has various do’s and don’ts when it comes to maintenance. Although, improper care may help you achieve your desired look, it could be causing damage. To prevent any permanent damage to your sandstone or natural stone tiles, whether it is inside or outside, you will need the help of a professional. Parklane Tile & Grout Cleaning services are sandstone and natural stone care experts, and have experience working with sandstone, bluestone and more.

We are committed to utilising the right product for each surface, and are constantly looking to find new techniques and products to help us treat your stone tiling in the best way possible. Whether your stone tile flooring is an old asset or a new investment, Parklane Cleaning Services can clean and preserve it. To restore your Gold Coast homes asset to its original beauty, contact the natural stone tile cleaning experts today!